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UK Company Registration Procedures and Fees

UK Company Registration Procedures and Fees
Unless otherwise indicated, the UK company stated in this quotation refers to a private company limited by shares formed and incorporated in UK in accordance with the United Kingdom Companies Act 2006.

Our fees for the registration of private company limited by shares in the United Kingdom is ?00. The fees quoted include our professional registration service fee, registered office address in UK for one year, local register agent service for one year and payment of official government fee. In short, the fees quoted included the fees necessary for the registration of UK company. For details, please refer to the Section 1 of this quotation.

For the purpose of registering a company registration in UK, you will need to provide the identification documents and proof of address of each shareholder and the proposed executive director, the proposed number of shares of the  UK company, the address of the registered office (if provided by the client), and the main business scope and business models of UK companies. The required documents and materials are detailed in Section 5 of this quotation.

In general, the registration of the UK company takes around 5 to 7 business days (excluding the application time for the registration of the Value-added Tax Taxation Number for the UK company). The competent authority will conduct audits base on the business scope and the identity of the investors, and the company registration time shall be extended.

The fees quoted are applicable to the business which does not require an additional license or permit. If the business to be carried out by the UK company requires an extra license or permits, Kaizen can help apply for such license or permit and our fees will be quoted upon request.

1. Registration Fee for the UK Limited Company

Our fees for handling the registration of a private company limited by shares with standard Articles of Association in UK are ?00. In particular, our fees cover the following services:

(1) UK Company Incorporation - Pre- & Post-Incorporation
  • Answering your questions in respect of the registration and maintenance of a company in UK;
  • Performing name availability search;
  • Payment of official registration filing fee to relevant authorities;
  • Drafting the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association;
  • Preparation of incorporation documents and registration forms;
  • Preparation of board resolution;
  • Preparation of compliance corporate kit, including corporate common seal, Share Certificate Book, Register of Members and Register of Director etc.

(2) Registered Office Address

Kaizen will provide a street address in London or Manchester, UK, as the registered office of your UK company for one year.  Please note that we provide this address for the purpose of registering your UK company and is not meant to be used as a physical office.

For receipt of commercial mails, we will scan and email the mails received to you once a month. This service is limited to two mails per month.

As stated above, the address we provide can be in London or Manchester. If you prefer other location or address, we may need to adjust our fees accordingly.

Company Secretary

One of our UK company will be acting as the Company Secretary of your UK company. Our role as company secretary is limited to reminding you of the various filing deadlines of your UK company.


(1) This package included the service fees and official registration fee. However, this package does not include the courier fee, if any.
(2) UK VAT included.

2. Optional Services


Description of Service



Acting as Tax Representative (Agent) for purpose of VAT Registration (per annum) (Note 1)



VAT Taxpayer registration (one off) (Note 2)



Mail forwarding (per annum)



Bank account opening introductory service (Note 3)



Notarisation and legalisation (Note 4)



The tax laws in UK do not impose any requirements for the appointment of tax representative on UK registered company. However, most UK companies will either appoint a tax representative or tax agent to deal with the VAT registration and reporting for and on behalf of their UK companies. A tax representative:
(a) must keep your VAT records and accounts and account for UK VAT on your behalf
(b) is jointly and severally liable for any VAT debts you incur

Any business whose turnover exceeds (or will exceed) the VAT threshold in any 12 month period, not just the annual accounting period, must register for VAT and then account for it. Other businesses may choose to opt for voluntary VAT registration.

Alongside other filing requirements, VAT registered companies must then complete a quarterly VAT return to HMRC, which is now done online. This breaks down the amount of VAT due on sales and the amount of VAT reclaimable on company purchases, with the difference between these being the amount of VAT payable to HMRC.

The VAT return is due at the end of the month following the end of the quarter covered by the return.

Kaizen will help you to open a corporate bank account for your UK company with a leading international bank in Hong Kong or Singapore. Please note the bank requires a simple majority of the directors (in some cases, all directors and shareholders) to visit their branch personally for the purpose of due diligence requirements. Our services are limited to providing assistance, including preparation of certified incorporation documents as required by the bank, pre-screen of account application documents, liaison with bank officer and arrangement appointment with the bank for you. Bank has the sole discretion to approve the application for opening an account. Kaizen should not be liable for the account opening result nor refund service fee.

Kaizen can arrange to have the registration documents of your UK company notarisation by Notary Public and legalisation by the consulate general and designed attesting officers in British. Our fees for these services will be quoted upon request.

3. Payment Term and Payment Methods

We currently accept Hong Kong Dollar check, cash or TT and credit card through PayPal only. If payment is settled through PayPal, extra 5% services fee will be charged. Upon receipt of your order, we will issue an invoice to you for your settlement. Because of the nature of services, we require full payment in advance. Also, once service is commenced, no service fee will be refunded except special cases.

If China or Taiwan official tax invoice is required, Value-Added Tax or Business Tax at the prevailing rate in the respective jurisdiction will be charged.

4. Basic Structure for UK Limited Company

  • At least one shareholder and one director;
  • The shareholder could be a legal person or a natural person. There are no restrictions on the nationality of the shareholder;
  • The shareholder who is a natural person could act as a director, there are no restrictions on the nationality of the director;
  • Must have a registered business in UK;
  • There is no limit on the number of registered capital shares and issued shares. In general, the registered capital for a UK company is ?00.

5. Materials Required for Incorporation of UK Company

Client needs to provide the following documents and information to Kaizen by email or fax or post for purpose of incorporation:

  • One photocopy of passport and residential addresses proof (such as utility bill or telephone bill) in respect of each shareholder; if shareholder is another corporation, please provide Certificate of Incorporation and registered office;
  • One photocopy of passport and residential addresses proof (such as utility bill or telephone bill) in respect of each director; if director is another corporation, please provide Certificate of Incorporation and registered office;
  • A duly completed incorporation order form (including “Know Your Client?due diligence form) (to be provided by Kaizen);

The identification documents and address proof documents of the UK Company shareholders and directors are subject to certify by Kaizen’s staff, notary offices, attorneys, accountants or bank managers.

6. UK Company Registration Procedures and Timeframe
  Under normal circumstances, the company name and the business scope do not need an extra license or permit, the whole process for company registration takes around 5 to 7 days. The table below shows the procedures with time frame for the registration of a UK company.






Clients could mail out the required documents and materials stated in Section 5 by using E-mail, fax or mail, the courier fee shall responsible by clients.

Client’s Schedule


Kaizen arranges with client to verify the identification documents

Client’s Schedule


Preliminary check of proposed company name



If the name is available for registration, Kaizen will file the incorporation documents with the Companies House



The UK Companies House review the documents and if it finds everything in order, issues a Certificate of Incorporation



Kaizen prepare for the company activation documents and email them to client for signing and return the same to Kaizen by email and post



Upon receipt of the duly signed documents from client, Kaizen prepare the company kit



Kaizen will pass the company registration documents to the clients.

Client’s Schedule

Total working days

1 week

7. Certificates and Documents to be returned to Client

After the registration process is completed, Kaizen will return the following documents and materials to you for your retention and as proof that the company is duly registered:


Certificate of Incorporation issued by the UK Companies House;

(2) Registration Form IN01 for registration of a UK company;
(3) 4 standard copies of the Articles of Associations;
(4) A Share Certificate book;
(5) A company signature stamp, a company round stamp and a common seal;
(6) Documentary Register of Director, Register of Members and board resolution etc.;
A set of Hong Kong CPA certified incorporation documents.

The above documents are also available for pick up in any Kaizen offices. We can also courier the documents to any address designated by you.

8. Annual Maintenance Fee

Each company (limited by shares) registered in UK are required to submit Confirmation Statement (Called “Annual Return? with Annual Accounts ( Called “Statutory Accounts? to the Companies House at the end of your company’s financial year, no matter the company has operations or not.

If the UK Company carrying on a trade in goods or trade in Services in the UK, the company is required by law to prepare the Company Tax Return and be filed with HMRC.

In order to provide you with a clearer understanding of the cost to maintain a UK company, Kaizen lists out the maintenance costs incurred by a UK company each year in the following table.



Fees (?/SPAN>)

Annual Renewal Service Fee


Annual Renewal services fee, including annual registered office address service and filing of Confirmation Statement (Annual Return)


Tax Declaration, Accounting and Bookkeeping Service Fee


Preparation and Filing of Annual Accounts (Dormant)



Accounting and bookkeeping fee (monthly)

50 up


VAT Taxpayer registration (one-off)



Acting as Tax Representative (Tax Agent) for the purpose of VAT reporting (per annum)



Preparation and filing of VAT Return (quarterly)



Preparation for the Annual Audit Report (Optional) (For the sales amount more than 1 million and employee more than 50 persons, is necessary to declare for the annual audit report)



Preparation and filing of Corporate Income Tax Return


See also:

UK Company Compliance and Maintenance Guide

If you wish to obtain more information or assistance, please visit the official website of Kaizen CPA Limited at or contact us through the following and talk to our professionals:
Tel: +852 2341 1444
Mobile : +852 5616 4140, +86 152 1943 4614
WhatsApp/ Line/ Wechat: +852 5616 4140
Skype: kaizencpa

Download:UK Company Registration Procedures and Fees【PDF】

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