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Trade Marks
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Trade Marks
China Trademark protection rights could only be obtained after the trademark is officially registered with Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the People's Republic of China.
Hong Kong Trademark Under the Trade Marks Ordinance (Amendment 2000) which was introduced in 2003, the process of registering a trademark in Hong Kong could now be completed in 8 months.
Community Trademark A Community Trademark Registration covers all 25 member counties of the European Community. If you are considering registering your mark in three Enropean countries, you should consider the Community Trademark.
Trademark Classes For the purpose of trademark registration, all products and services and categorised into 45 classes. A trademark could be registered in one or more classes.

Websites of Trade Mark Registrars

Code Country/Organization URL
AD (Andorra) http://www.ompa.ad
AR (Argentina) http://www.mecon.gov.ar/inpi/default1.htm
AT (Austria) http://www.patent.bmwa.gv.at/
AU (Australia) http://www.ipaustralia.gov.au/
BE (Belgium) http://www.european-patent-office.org/patlib/country/belgium/
BR (Brazil) http://www.inpi.gov.br
BX (Benelux) http://www.bmb-bbm.org
CA (Canada) http://opic.gc.ca/
CH (Switzerland) http://www.ige.ch
CN (China) http://www.cpo.cn.net
CU (Cuba) http://www.ceniai.inf.cu/OCPI/
CZ (Czech Republic) http://www.upv.cz
DE (Germany) http://www.deutsches-patentamt.de
DK (Denmark) http//www.dkpto.dk/
EM (OHIM) http://oami.eu.int/
EP (European Patent Office) http://www.european-patent-office.org
ES (Spain) http://www.oepm.es
FI (Finland) http://www.prh.fi
FR (France) http://www.inpi.fr
GB (United Kingdom ) http://www.patent.gov.uk
GE (Georgia) http://www.global-erty.net/saqpatenti
GR (Greece) http://www.european-patent-office.org/patlib/country/greece/index.htm
HR (Croatia) http://pubwww.srce.hr/patent
HU (Hungary) http://www.hpo.hu
IS (Iceland) http://www.els.stjr.is/
ID (Indonesia) http://www.patent.go.id
IT (Italy) http://www.european-patent-office.org/it/
JP (Japan) http://www.jpo-miti.go.jp
KR (Republic of Korea) http://www.kipo.go.kr
LT (Lithuania) http://www.is.lt/vpb/engl
LU (Luxembourg) http://www.etat.lu/EC/
MC (Monaco) http://www.european-patent-office.org/patlib/country/monaco/
MK (Republic of Macedonia) http://www.ippo.gov.mk
MX (Mexico) http://www.impi.gob.mx
MY (Malaysia) http://kpdnhq.gov.my/
NL (Netherlands) http://www.bie.minez.nl
NZ (New Zealand) http://www.iponz.govt.nz
PE (Peru) http://www.indecopi.gob.pe/
PH (Philippines) http://www.dti.gov.ph/ipo/
PL (Poland) http://saturn.ci.uw.edu.pl/up/
PT (Portugal) http://www.inpi.pt
RO (Romania) http://www.osim.ro
RU (Russia) http://www.rupto.ru
SE (Sweden) http://www.prv.se/prveng/front.htm
SG (Singapore) http://www.gov.sg/molaw/rtmp/
SI (Slovenia) http://www.sipo.mzt.si/
SK (Slovak Republic) http://www.indprop.gov.sk
TH (Thailand) http://www.dbe.moc.go.th/DIP/eng/index.html
TR (Turkey) http://turkpatent.gov.tr
US (United States of America) http://www.uspto.gov/
WO WIPO http://www.wipo.int


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