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British Virgin Islands (BVI) Business Companies
Features of a BVI Company A BVI company requires a minimum of one shareholder, one director, one Registered Agent and one Registered Office. The director and shareholder could be of any nationality and could be the same person or corporation...
Maintain Your Company in Good Standing In addition to paying an Annual Licence Fee to maintain your BVI company in Good Standing, you should still update the Register of Members and Directors, maintain. Also, An BVI Business Company must also keep such accounts and records as the directors consider necessary or desirable to reflect the financial position of the Company...
Offshore World
Tax Havens History Some twenty years ago, there were only a handful of offshore (tax havens) and to many, their use was surrounded in 'mystique'. Also, there were only a few professionals specializing in offshore practice and tax havens, and those that did, typically made use of only one or two jurisdictions...
Why Incorporating Offshore Individuals and corporations go offshore for a number of reasons: save tax, protect wealth, reduce risk, maintain privacy and to avoid unnecessary regulations or bureaucracy...
Belize Offshore Bank Accounts
Hong Kong Corporate Bank Accounts
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