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Features of a BVI Company A BVI company requires a minimum of one shareholder, one director, one Registered Agent and one Registered Office. The director and shareholder could be of any nationality and could be the same person or corporation.

The features of a Belize IBC are very mcuh like a IBC in any other offshore jurisdictions, except that it is still allowed to issue bearer shares and therefore a higher level of confidentiality could be achieved.
Offshore World
Tax Havens Some twenty years ago, there were only a handful of offshore (tax havens) and to many, their use was surrounded in 'mystique'. Also, there were only a few professionals specializing in offshore practice and tax havens, and those that did, typically made use of only one or two jurisdictions...
Why Incorporating Offshore Individuals and corporations go offshore for a number of reasons: save tax, protect wealth, reduce risk, maintain privacy and to avoid unnecessary regulations or bureaucracy...

Frequently Asked Questions on Offshore Company Formation and Maintenance

1. Registration of International Business Company (Offshore Company) in Seychelles

Q1. Who is the Registrar of IBC's?
Q2. What types of IBC's are allowed?
Q3. How do I register an IBC?
Q4. Are non-English language names permitted?
Q5. What are Name endings to denote Limited Liability?
Q6. How much will it cost to incorporate an IBC?
Q7. Are bearer shares allowed and are corporate directors and shareholders allowed?
Q8. Can the company have one director and one shareholder?
Q9. Is it required to have Company Secretary and Local Directors or Local Shareholders?
Q10. Are any Local Meetings required?
Q11. Is it required to keep books and records and file accounts?
Q12. Can an IBC operate from an office in Seychelles, and Maintain a foreign exchange bank account in Seychelles?
Q13. Is confidentiality granted to IBC's and what information is public?
Q14. Can an IBC invest in Seychelles?
Q15. Is migration of domicile to and from Seychelles permitted?

2. Registration of an Exempted Company in Cayman Islands

Q1. How long does it take to incorporate a Company?
Q2. Do the directors have to be residents of the Cayman Islands?
Q3. How many directors can a company have?
Q4. Do we provide Directors?
Q5. Do the directors have to hold any meetings in the Cayman Islands?
Q6. Are there any taxes in the Cayman Islands?
Q7. How easy is it to change shareholders and/or directors?
Q8. Is a Cayman Islands company required to have a bank account in the Cayman Islands?
Q9. Is a Cayman Islands company required to prepare annual financial statements?
Q10. Does the Company need an audit?

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